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Comforser, one of the popular car tyre brands, is designed with concept of “Driving Comfort”.


Comforser covers full range of car tyre including HP, UHP, LTR, H/T SUV, A/T SUV and M/T SUV. All tyres are certificated by ISO, CCC, DOT, GCC, ECE, REACH, ISO, SONCAP and INMETRO.


We invited the R&D team from Dunlop and imported major equipments from German and Italian professional manufacturers, which are same as world famous brands.


We have very strict quality management system and our own innovative Quality Trilogy:


-IQC: Natural rubber are from Malaysia. High quality of raw materials are from famous suppliers;


-PQC: Newest advanced equipments provide precise control; QC team keep daily strict quality standard;


-OQC: Finished tire are inspected through X-Ray Machine, Dynamic Balance and Life Test for

each batch before to storage;


The patent water-proof and cutting resistance formula has good abrasion resistance performance, which ensures longer life time. We offer 3 years’ (120000 kms) warranty for your safe and comfortable driving.


Comforser tires provide stable handling, good traction, excellent road holding and low noise. We have full range of SUV & LTR tires. We aim to be the world’s No.1 brand of SUV Tires. The unique Mud terrain pattern CF3000 is very popular and well accepted due to its good grasping capability, excellent sideslip resistance and maximum traction in muddy condition. It’s also used in the Race of Dakar Rally, the “Olympics” in the automotive game.


Comforser Tires are sold best in the world market. It’s hot popular in North & Latin America, Middle East, Europe, Oceania, Africa and Asia. We also provide OEM services for Zeetex, Artum and many other famous brands all over the world.


We provide excellent services with the target to provide high cost performance tires. Our high annual production capacity ensure quick delivery.


We always keep our steps with world market’s development.  


Comforser is your best choice.



Production facilityThe core equipment of production line adopts the AB system which is stable and reliable.

Mixing Process

Using the most advanced internal mixer, COMAR achieves the goal of big mixing capacity, short mixing time, efficient production, reducing the loss of rubber compounding ingredients and the environment pollution and ensuring the product quality, truly realizing the concept of “quality should be controlled from the source”.

Extrusion Process

COMAR adopts the most advanced tri-extruder imported from Germany, which has a great advantage compared with peers, producing the semi-finished products with high standards and high-quality and reaching world-class standards. While there is spray word device on the tread which makes the tread decoration look more beautiful and dynamic.

Calendering Process

COMAR adopts the world’s most advanced Ercole steel and fiber dual-purpose calender imported from Italy and spindle tension controller of USA. Besides, the steel cord body ply cutter, fiber cord cutting machine and the section cutting machine are all from industry-leading manufacturers, which greatly improves the production efficiency and the product technology.

Forming Process

COMAR adopts one-step processing and secondary forming method molding technology of industry-leading equipment manufacturers, greatly improving the workmanship standards, product quality and the efficiency of production line.

Curing Process

COMAR adopts hydraulic high-precision vulcanizing machines from the industry-leading equipment manufacturers which has the function of timing mould clamping, automatic supplement pressure, automatic temperature control, automatic timing, alarm on time and so on. The product quality and production efficiency are fully guaranteed.

Testing Process

COMAR adopts the industry-leading equipment to conduct the tire appearance test, X-ray inspection, tire balance and tire dynamic balance test, the tire quality from our factory is fully guaranteed by the four scientific and rigorous testing processes. And only the finished products which are qualified after testing can be stored in the warehouses.   

Our factory has advanced manufacturing technology and equipment, skillful manual production line, strict quality management system and professional sales team. We not only ensure the product quality and delivery time, but also provide good after-sales service. We have received good feedback from customers of the United States, Europe, Africa, Middle East, etc. In the future development, we will always keep constant enthusiasm for each customer and each order. 


Uni-directional tread design has excellent water evacuation performance and reduces aquaplaning at high speed.

Uni-directional tread design with large shoulder blocks and center blocks are for maximum traction in tough road condition.

Asymmetric tread design provides excellent riding stability and precise handling on wet roads. 

Asymmetric tread design outside with strong shoulder ensures good turning stability, inside shoulder with multi-sipes has excellent water drainage performance. 

Certificates:The two brands have successively passed all kinds of system certifications including the ISO9001 quality management, US DOT, Europe ECE, Brazil INME TRO, Indonesia SNI, China CCC, and ISO10012 metering management system certification.

1. Off-road performance
 CF3000 pattern- off road pattern of Comforser brand tire, More 43 sizes and NO.1 in Asia. Strong and powerful tiger claw tread blocks design to strengthen the climbing force on mud pit roads .

2. Durable
  Unique cut-resistant patented formula to ensure tread blocks’ security and persistence performance.
  Up-and-down marginal line design promotes the sporting performance on ice-snow roads better. Irregularly arranged intensive patterns with suction tank design makes water absorption faster. Pattern blocks with vertical and multi-angle combined knife pattern produces more strong braking performance on ice-snow roads. Patented cold-resistant rubber can maintain the flexibility of rubber even in the alpine-cold environment.
3. Drive comfortably 
   Flexible rubber formula and 3D stereoscopic pattern combination provides comfortable driving experience and it also has a good noise reduction effect. 
   Unique extra strong rubber on the tread makes the pattern solid and strong and ensure that the tire has a good driving and road holding on the mud terrain. Ultra strong cord structure makes the tire have an excellent buffer performance and ensures the driving safety.

4. Strong sidewall 
   Reinforced double ply structure on sidewall makes the tire more elastic and reduces the damage caused by poor road conditions. Widened tread design improves the grip performance and eases the impact from the ground. Exaggerated tire teeth on shoulders could provide powerful driving and antiskid property on mud terrain. 
5. Stable control 
   Reinforced pattern blocks on shoulders and widened tread design expands  the ground contact area and ensures an excellent power of grip and road adhesion. Single directional pattern provides precise handling and sport performance, meanwhile it reduces rolling resistance and fuel consumption.

6. Tire Weight. Compare same size tire weight. Comforser brand tire about 10%-15% heavy than other Chinese brands.

7.High-speed control 
   Wide - angle twill design ensures the pattern is rigid and meanwhile achieves an excellent traction and braking performance. Multifunctional pattern blocks combination on shoulders enhance its rigidity and drainage performance by strengthening outside blocks which are main supporting parts when car makes turns, thereby improving the handling performance on both dry and wet roads.


Variable pitch pattern design and oblique pattern groove reduce noise level. Even for M/T with big block pattern, the uni-directional circular arc tread design ensures us much lower noise level than common angular design.


We provide 3 years warranty, which is equivalent to 120000kms’ mileage under proper usage.


In case of quality problem due to manufacturing defects, we’ll always offer our immediate feedback and solution. High quality products from responsible enterprise will not only ensure good sales, but also save your energy and time for complaints. This will also have the possibility to maximize customer loyalty.

11. Liability insurance

Issued by CPIC, $10,000,000 for USA.Canada. And $5,000,000 for outside USA.Canada. Largest amount of insurance in Asia factories.

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